Kate K Burke
WHEAT"Norway Pine""Haralson Apples""Oats""Corn""Lady Slippers""Northern Pike""Wild Rice"Nicollet Mall
Manhole Covers
"Hail Minnesota" is a manhole cover art project commissioned by the City of Minneapolis, MN in 1992 for the redesign of Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis. It includes 11 different designs with nearly 75 castings installed over 13 city blocks of the downtown mall.

The designs commemorate the state icons and is titled with the state motto, "Hail Minnesota". Included are the the state flower, fish, tree, bird, grain, fruit- the Lady Slipper; the Walleye; Norway Pine; Loon; Wild Rice; Haralson Apples; the grains - Oats, Wheat, Corn, the Timber Wolf, the Northern Pike. It is intended that there be discoveries within the designs giving added interest over time.

To celebrate the new redesign of Nicollet Mall by James Corner and the re-installation of the manhole covers, all the designs from this project are available in a booklet. Check out Booklets under "Portfolio".

Castings are available. Please contact me with your interest.