Kate Burke
PompidorePercheronBelgians - First horseBelgian with a Brown KneeSchool House Series
After a Snow"Shoo Fly"School House Series
Ligo School with Barn in Snow"Teamwork"Wheat Stalks - rainy dayHaywagon Series
"First Cut"School House Series
"Hopper House"Head to the WindWhite Horse-Rider Wanted
Horse Paintings and Amish Landscape
It is not for nostalgia that I turn to the Amish landscape but for the stark white buildings that allow colors to resonate. I love to watch the winter wheat turn amber at the same time as the oats mature into a blue-green and am thrilled to see the strength and eagerness of the belgians and percherons in teamwork. In the twirling changes of the digital world, the consistancy in the Amish landscape and the simple relationship of man with nature is a comfort to me.