Kate Burke
Complete Art Work, "In the Land of the Free", DedicationComplete Art Work, "In the Land of the Free" --EaglePlaque #1 - Eagle and WaxwingPlaque #2, Loon family groupPlaque #3, Pileated WoodpeckerPlaque #4- Turkey and PoppiesPlaque #5, Owl and the WarblerPlaque #6, Minnehaha Falls and DovesComplete Art Work, "In the Land of the Free" --Falls"Eagle"- Detail of the Plaque #1Wren - Detail Plaque #3White Dove
Minnesota Veteran's Home
With the historic Minnehaha Falls as a backdrop, "In the Land of the Free" depicts an allegory. Using the rich symbols of the Eagle and Dove to represent strength and peace, the mural takes place in the Falls Gorge, the site of the Veteran's Home. A playful and active scene ensues with the sharing of abundance in the spirit of cooperation.

Flanked by the eagle in front of the Veteran's Home and the dove before the Minnehaha Falls, the cedar waxwing harvests from the abundant offering of the eagle. True to it's nature, the cedar waxwing shares with it's neighbor. Under the watchful eye of the eagle, the harvesting and passing of fruit continues from one to another, individuals to families, and old to young, black to white to blue to yellow. This visible gesture of cooperation nourishes all.

Viewers are invited to find the many birds, insects, and animals
woven into the journey down the river and to recognize the inherent symbols they represent. From the sturdiness of the oak tree, the honor of the laurel bush, and the truth of the cherry tree, to the freedom of birds or the caution invoked by the snake-in-the-grass, a time of
discovery is ensured for everyone.