PUBLIC ART: Boston Bricks- Manhole Covers- Veterans Home Mural- Breck Memorial > Minnesota Veteran's Home

The goal of this piece was to give a pleasant reflection for the residents of the Minnesota Veteran's Home. My hope was to see a parent and child engaged in finding things in the mural and the kind of conversation that is spurred by nature. It was also important that it show respect for all of the US military branches and their service to this great and diverse country.

This piece was inspired by the actual behavior of the Cedar Waxwing.

The Eagle holds a sprig of berries in it's talons and offers the fruit to the Cedar Wax Wing. When Waxwings flock, they will line up on a berry bush and send the fruit down the line until the most hungry eats. The Cedar Waxwing shares with those who are in the greatest need. This was the inspiration that inspired the allegory for the "In the Land of the Free".

"Eagle"- Detail of the Plaque #1
"Eagle"- Detail of the Plaque #1
Carved cast forton MG, acrylic paint
30 x 48 x 7 inches